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Character Development

Our goal is to inspire your child to be successful in school, sports, and in life!

We have a staff of certified school teachers who will make sure that your child continues to learn and grown throughout the summer.  Additionally, each week we focus on a special character word that teaches our kids how to be the BEST! Through this character education, you will notice your child improving in many ways that include:

  • Positive attitude!

  • Improved Grades!

  • Better listening skills!

  • Improved respect!

  • Amazing communication skills!

  • Honesty and integrity!

  • Confidence!

  • Perseverance!

  • And much more!                                                       

Spots are going quickly in this summer camp program! Be sure to fill out the form on this page and request more info, or call us right now at: (717) 473-7338. We look forward to speaking with you!

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